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  1. How do I ... ?
  2. Where can I find ... ?
  3. Why doesn't ... ?
  4. What about ... ?
  5. What is ... ?
  6. When is ... ?

How do I ... ?

Get started.

It's best to have a design team of just 2-3 people (or less) because experience shows that with more people involved the time taken to make decisions causes significant delays in the project. Please send as much information as you can about your practice/clinic. If you can fax any practice leaflets/brochures that would be very useful. Please provide pictures by email in jpeg format (the requirements for the photos would be as for taking any good picture, e.g. good lighting etc.) and email information about your clinic so it can all be added to the site.  You will have to tell us what you wish to see on your site and what you want it to be able to achieve. Please don't be afraid to ask questions.

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Where can I find ... ?

A template for my site

We would recommend the following sites for picking your template. You can of course look for others and we would have no objection to using other providers as long as they provide a reasonable service. Please note that currently we are only using templates that are compatible with Microsoft FrontPage.

  • PixelMill - A good range of templates for various health professionals.



  • ProThemes - More medically orientated templates.


A Domain Name

if you already have a website name in mind please check whether it is available at:


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Why doesn't ... ?

The site appear in a search engine like Google

There are various free ways of making your website appear high in the listings of a search engine. We will build these into your site but its takes 1- 3 months for these effects to become noticeable. Some search engines do offer a promotional service at a cost.

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What about ... ?


Your site is password protected so no unauthorised person can access it to change the details. If you wish to have an email address this will be both unsecured for sending and receiving emails. It is usual practice to add a disclaimer to the site to explain this to patients. Information placed in forms can be delivered to an area on the server which will be secure or can be transmitted via email. Obviously we will not give your password details out to any 3rd party.

Updating websites

If you feel you website is looking tired or out of date please feel free to contact us regarding an update. If you already have a domain name this will have to be transferred or the settings changed to be compatible with our hosting server.

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What is ... ?

A Domain Name

This is the "www." name that is typed into the your browser to find your site. Wether it ends .com or .com.au or any other variation is your choice.

A Hosting Provider

All websites have to be "hosted" on a server which are generally provided by companies rather than individuals. Essentially these computers are left permanently on to broadcast you website to the world. From time to time it is possible for these sites to go down but that is very unusual.

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When is ... ?

The site going to be ready

We would aim once we have received all your instructions to have you up and running within 2 weeks. We don't offer this as a guarantee because requests for changes can build in delays.

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